Social Responsibility

We expect ourselves to do business right, to lead by example,and to help out when we are needed.
Social Responsibility

CSR is at the core of our beliefs and the concern for the wider view of how the society would function is something we consider with emphasis. Our organizational goals are set in line with our mission of social responsibility. To explain how we go about it we have broken it down into three modules. 

Core values:

Our core values revolve around these three simple but meaningful words

1)   Honesty

2)   Integrity

3)   Reliability

These three words describe our organization in the most comprehensive manner and it projects just the image that we wish to deliver to our customers.

Caring for the Environment

Caring for the environment: Our production process is designed in such a way that due diligence is given to protection of the environment. During the whole production process, no step is taken which has a negative impact on the environment.  Proper disposal of wastage is ensured.

Adequate Training

 Adequate training is given to our employees to ensure their safety. Our employees are given proper equipment including masks, gloves etc to prevent any sort of minor or major injury during the manufacturing process. We do not bear any kind of risk when it comes to the safety of our employees who we believe are our biggest asset.


We believe in establishing a socially responsible environment around our customers. We are committed towards our final customers and therefore supply 100% premium quality seafood and meet even the highest expectations of our customers.