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Why choose IFI?

One of the Best Fish Processing Industry in the Globe

1)   Guarantee of Hygiene:

-          The maintenance of hygiene has to be ensured throughout the production process thus we ensure the highest quality of hygiene from the point of sourcing till the point it reaches the final customer.

-          We acquire raw material from boats which are equipped with proper facilities to keep it fresh and maintain the quality of the product. We acquire our raw material from the boats which have a shorter span of time travelling so that the material is fresh and premium in quality.

-          Once we get the raw material, we load them on our own company trucks in our insulated fix boxes which are ideal for maintaining the quality during the transportation till it reaches our factory.

-          Once the raw material reaches our factory, we have quality inspectors who reject any material which does not conform to our quality standards and the rest is sent for further processing.

-          The ice which is used in our factory is made from our own flake ice machines and the water is kept at PH7.

-          Proper hygiene of our production staff is maintained as they are in direct contact with the raw material. We provide them with gloves and mask to ensure they have no physical contact with the raw material.

-          The certification of HACCP and ISO 9001 is in itself a testament of our quality standards.


2)   We are equipped with state of the art modern machinery. Our cool chain machinery has been imported from Grasso Germany, Plate Freezers from Yantai Moon China and Insulated Panels from Emrac Engineering UAE. All of this means we do not compromise when it comes to quality.

3)   We are the only company in Pakistan which has imported Grading Machine from Marel Iceland for grading shrimps based on their sizes.